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Meditation is medicine for the mind. It cools our mind. It helps us to be relaxed. If mind are cool, then we can do our things in order. There are different meditation techniques and Rajyog Meditation is one of the great meditations. So, our this special package of Enchanting Kathmandu Tour with Rajyog Meditation is for those who really wish to learn about this amazing meditation techniques along with Kathmandu Tour. Rajyog Meditation is helpful to you throughout your entire life. You can learn the needful course from Rajyog Meditation center with us and later you can use on your daily life from your home country. As well, you will explore the major cities of Nepal they are Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Bungamati, Khokana, Nagarkot-the view tower of Kathmandu. Similarly, you will explore Rickshaw Tour and a day hiking too.


  • Learn Rajyoga Meditation Course from Rajyoga Meditation Center at Kathmandu
  • Explore Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Visit ancient cities–Bungamati and Khokana
  • Rickshaw Tour to explore the busy Asan at Kathmandu
  • Day hike at Shivapuri
  • Rejuvenate yourself with Rajyog Meditation


In Enchanting Kathmandu Tour with Rajyoga Meditation – 12 days, you have about a week course from reputed Rajyog Meditation center in Kathmandu. This trip is for you who seek to have peace during your visit to Kathmandu. Actually, the course will be about 2 hours of learning daily. After that, you can enjoy your time at sightseeing in Kathmandu. Rajyoga Meditation course refreshes your morning with enlightenment. You will know the value of meditation in human life as well. You will enchant yourself with sightseeing of Kathmandu’s major cities like Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. The arts, rituals, murals, traditions of these historical monuments make you feel outstanding. The palace series of these cities makes you feel educated about Nepal and its history. You will explore the ancient cites like Bungamati and Khokana. Similarly, its locals, small houses, narrow alleys all make you feel wonderful.

Day Ride of Rickshaw makes you feel wonderful to observe all local life in Nepal. The people, their busy schedule at local shops, the crowd, narrow alleys, and small houses all will make you feel bewildered. Further, the day hike at Shivapuri makes you feel intimate with the nature. You will feel relaxed from your body during this hiking. You will just love this hiking very well. As well, the monastery at the top of Shivapuri makes you learn some glimpses of nunnery life at the Monastery in Nepal. You will just love this trip with us. After this trip, we are sure you will learn a lot about the Rajyog Meditation as well you will start the practice of doing Rajyog Meditation. You will return to your home country with peace of mind.

Besides meditation, if you want to have peace than yoga is the best options. Yoga keeps your body fit and perfect. If your body is good, then everything will be great. In addition, if you do not have over one week’s in Nepal than our Kathmandu Short Tour with Yoga – 7 Days would be a good choice.


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On your arrival at Kathmandu, our representative will escort you from the Airport to your hotel at Kathmandu. The Evening is a rest to explore Thamel area which is the major hub for the tourist. At Evening, we will make you have dined at one of the best Nepalese Restaurant with its cultural/traditional dancing art.

Included Meal: Welcome Dinner

Early in the morning, our representative will be there at the Hotel Lobby to pick you up then we will be headed to you at the Airport where you will fly in the sky in twin utter to explore its magical view of Kathmandu Valley and its surrounding Mountain Range. After breakfast, our expert guide will be there at your Hotel Lobby to pick you up and start today’s most astonishing Kathmandu Sightseeing.

Kathmandu Durbar Square: It is centered at the heart of Kathmandu, with different temples. Monuments, palaces of ancient King (Durbar) from the modern King as well Kumari Ghar–the home of the living god in Nepal, which is the most popular, must-see in Nepal and one must be surprised to see different amazing temples and fascinating old tales of the Palaces.

Swoyambhu temple: It is also called Monkey Temple too as can get huge amounts of monkeys. It is so nice to see different monkeys eating, dwelling in this region with its newborn and small infants, too. This Buddhist Shrine has a great historical impact too. It is believed that in the ancient period Kathmandu is a pond with a mix of mud and serpents and there is emerged of one Lotus with light and the person preserves it by making the shrine above it. So, from that time, it is called Swoyambhu–a self emerged temple. One has reached in this place; it is believed that all his/her sin has been washed. You will feel a kind of peace of your mind when seeing these miracles Buddhist Shrine.

Boudhanath Stupa: 

It is one of the widest Buddhist Shrine, made in ancient Nepal. Most of the Tibetan people are influenced by this sector. We can see different from 100 Tibetan Monasteries in this region. It is believed that if we pray our wish in front of this shrine, then it will be fulfilled as well. Some myths also say that this is the center of the earth. So, we can feel a kind of energy and peace of mind in reaching this pure, holy shrine.

Pashupatinath temple: It is nearby Boudhanath Stupa, though this temple is taken as from Hinduism, then again whoever has reached in this place, they feel a kind of peace of mind. Shiva Linga has symbolized itself as the energy and life which dwell on this earth. So, we worship the power of the deity and the power in taking birth or circulation or living operation of this earth. And the uniqueness is the cremation which has great value in Hinduism and it is a kind of mystical for the person who came from different religion where after death their body will be graved but in cremation, we are making the dead bodies are in fire and we will just make their ash is dissolved in nearby pure, holy river–Ganga as it is believed that Ganga has the power to wash all sins of the person in this world. After seeing these valuable important landmarks in Kathmandu, we will drop off you at your hotel. Overnight at Kathmandu.

Included Meal: Breakfast

After breakfast, you will head to Brahma Kumaris Ashram or Rajyog Meditation Center at Thamel, Kathmandu. It is at the center of Thamel. Once you enter it, you will find a peaceful environment with calm people who wear white clothes, like the symbol of peace and purity. You will feel calm within the first entry. You will observe the center, it’s a wonderful museum which tells you all about Rajyog meditation in brief. We will introduce you to the teacher. You will take the basic introductory course and will observe the center. Evening you will explore Thamel, the major hub for the tourist in Nepal from all over the world. Overnight stay at Kathmandu.

Included Meal: Breakfast

After breakfast, you will attend Rajyog’s course. Today you will explore Patan. About 20 minutes after driving, we will enter the nearby next big city of Kathmandu–Patan City. We will park our vehicle at Pulchowk, the main entrance of the Patan, to see its local life. You will be amazed to see the local–small houses and its stores, the passage, the way, the vehicle/traffic en route. About 10 minutes of walking, we will be reached at the most historical place of Patan. You will be amazed to see the ancient palaces, the one stone made–Krishna Temple. As you go inside, you will mesmerize in hearing different mythical tales of the ancient kings and its magical archeological structure. After it, we will make you explore Mahaboudha, a temple where a thousand statues are Buddha, is there. It is the symbol of Buddha’s temple which exists at Boudhagaya in India, where Buddha took enlightenment. After we will explore the Golden Temple, its carving, the architecture, the child priest and its traditional, these all are enough able to make you feel wow of Kathmandu/Patan and its culture.

Included Meal: Breakfast

Continue your course at Rajyog Meditation Center in Kathmandu. Today, you will explore one of the major cities of Kathmandu. It is Bhaktapur, which is an ancient and unique town where we can find the old traditional lifestyle and its people still now. You will be amazed to see the street, its pave lines, the people, and its traditional, unique style of day to day living. Kathmandu and Patan have little modernized because of its time passes, but Bhaktapur remains the same. It still makes us view the old traditional city and the temple of Changunarayan is the symbol of its beautiful handicrafts, which is the lively proof of the ancient period, its value and its cultural aspect, its different monuments. Overnight stay at Kathmandu.

Educate your mind with Rajyog Meditation Course; you will feel peace in mind day by day. Today, you will explore the most ancient cities of Kathmandu; they are Bungamati and Khokana, where you can find the locals, the pathways, the narrow galleys, the temples and small homes which showcase you the historic lifestyle of the locals. You will explore the popular temple of the Goddess at Khokana. As well, Bungamati has a strong history of its mythical. You can find the rain god and his wonderful tale of how the locals of Kathmandu still have great faith in this god and there used to be a longest festival with this god named Rato Machhindra Nath. It is so outstanding to see the long chariot pulled by thousands of people. You can feel the excited crowd which intoxicates the whole environment. Overnight at Kathmandu.

Included Meal: Breakfast

You will enchant in attending Rajyog Meditation Course. Today you will be intimate with the beautiful nature of Nepal–Nagarkot, one of the most beautiful viewpoints at Kathmandu. It will take around 45 minutes in riding to reach at Nagarkot. It is a hill station in Kathmandu with a beautiful natural landscape. The lush green landscapes, village home, its farmers, domestic animals like cow, buffalo, goat, all are outstanding to you. Once you reach there, you will find peace of mind, as this place is far from modern hustle and bustle. You will love with Nepal. Evening we will be amazed to view its sunset. Sunset view is very popular worldwide in Nagarkot. Overnight at Nagarkot.

Included Meal: Breakfast

In the early morning, we will be amazed to see how beautiful the starting each new day with warm sunrays that may inspire you and make us feel and thankful to God for providing us one more beautiful day to feel alive. Then we will have a delicious breakfast and after that, you can feel the village life of Nagarkot, the small a village home, the domestic animals, the day-to-day life and the serene atmosphere at Nagarkot village with the chirping of beautiful birds. You will feel a kind of peace of mind to heal your inner self. Evening drive back to Kathmandu, will attend your course. Overnight at Kathmandu.

Included Meal: Breakfast

After breakfast you will go to Budhanilkantha for a day hiking at Shivapuri National Park, which is one of the best hiking spot at Kathmandu. It took around 20 minutes of driving from Kathmandu. Once you reach at, you will enter the park and hiked at the hiking trail. The hiking route is not so difficult. So, you will enjoy this smooth hiking in the distinct shadow of tall trees. You will explore the natural scenery en route. You will reach at one of the famous nun-Monastery at the top of the hill called Nagi Gompa. Explore the monastery and come back to down. You will have a packed lunch in the middle of the hiking. It will take about 2 hours to reach and another 2 hours to reach at downtown. Evening continue your course at Rajyog Meditation Center.

Included Meal: Breakfast & Lunch

Today you will learn and practice Rajyog Meditation. Rajyog Meditation makes you feel connected to the creator. You will feel peace of mind and energetic in your soul. After your meditation practice, you will feel very light and free. You feel sudden happiness and you love your life. Today is the last day of your meditation course. You will observe the center once again .You will say farewell to your teacher at Rajyog Meditation Center and other fellow people. Day time is a relaxing time for shopping for your loved one. There are lots of souvenir shops at Thamel. You will just take a around. Overnight at Kathmandu.

Included Meal: Breakfast

Today, after being fresh, you will practice Rajyog Meditation in your room by yourself so that you can practice it in your home country too. You will relax and have peace of mind from the inside. We are sure you will really cherish this trip with us. Day time, you will explore the spa today to make your body fully relaxed. Evening sound meditation makes you feel peace of mind. Overnight at Kathmandu.

Included Meal: Breakfast and Farewell Dinner

After breakfast, you will farewell to this beautiful country with lots of mesmerizing memories and allure to come back for next holiday. Our Representative will drop off you at the airport in your home country prior to 3 hours of your flight. Stay safe and be happy.

Included Meal: Breakfast

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