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Climbing in Nepal attracts adventure lovers around the globe. With experience or no experience, you can enjoy an incredible world of mountain in Nepal. The beautiful place on earth offers climbers many opportunities than any other country in the globe. Mountain climbing in Nepal is an exceptional experience for adventure lovers around the world. Nepal is home to 8 highest mountains in the world. Naturally, Nepal’s Himalayas attract many climbers around the world for expedition and peak climbing. Nepal peaks are best for ultimate adventure and unparalleled experience in mountains.

Nepal Mountaineering Association in short ‘NMA’ has categories 5849m to 6584m mountains as trekking peaks. Whether you do high altitude peaks or trekking peaks, it’s not a simple task. Physical fitness and great stamina matters a lot. You can do trekking peaks without prior climbing experience. However, for it; you need to be physically strong and in great shape. Climbing gears is essential for peak climbing in Nepal. SheNature offers some amazing peak climbing experience for mountain lovers in the Everest region. Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche East Peak are a few of them. If you aim high and your energy too supports you, then come join us as we have carefully crafted climbing trips. Experience it with our knowledgeable, expert, courteous team.

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Women entrepreneur’s with one decade of travel experiences. Create unparallel memories with Shenature specialization service and experience the power of Women - run - team.

Trusted Operational Women Team

We are a women-run adventure team with more than one decade of experience in tourism. With this expertise, we are aiming to make travelers’ holidays a beautiful experience. Honesty is our motto. We live it. Embark on a historic journey with a women-run team along with the support of local people. You will surely feel the difference with us!

Lifetime Deposit & Guaranteed Departure

Lifetime deposit makes you feel secure with SheNature Nepal Treks and Tours. Once you book the trip with SheNature, we will run the trip if the minimum group won’t be formed too. We wouldn’t cancel your trip. Instead, if you have to cancel it for your any reasons than your deposit will save with us. You can use the money for your next adventure with us.

Local expertise team

Local team has expert knowledge about their own place. We are a local operator who prioritizes local peoples as they know their region better than any other.They have grown up in Himalaya and are on hand with relevant knowledge & support to help you for your journey. It will surely make the difference to see their region from their eyes.

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Shenature have a great team. Skillful people working on this filled for more than a decade. Contact to begin.