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SheNature Nepal is the team of expertise from decades of experience in travel business. Our team has a wonderful experience in dealing with all clients all over the world in organizing tours/ trekking/climbing in Nepal as well in Bhutan, Tibet and India. Besides founders, there is an expert team of trekking guides who are the king in the Himalayas. Team of cultural guides is there to make you explore about the cultural tours in Nepal. We know our country, its touristic places, traditions, cultures, rituals. We know the value of travel and we love to travel by self. SheNature Nepal knows the value of your hard earned money, valuable time and your emotion. We care about your requirement and interest. So, we specially design your trip that best suits to you according to your age, interest and requirement. We are here to assist you in all need from your arrival to departure to make a smooth journey for you. Our utmost care is to make your trip fully successful so that you love to have your next trip with us again and again. In this way, not only as the professional but also from human being, we can be your good friend in Nepal whom you feel to remember when you recall your visit to Nepal. So, give me one chance to be with you as we really love to make your dream trip as a real journey for you.


Sabina Adhikari

Chief Financial Officer

Sabina, born in the small village of Gorkha district that is near Barpak, one of the popular villages in the region, was very enthusiastic. The place has similar houses with slate roofs. From the beginning of her childhood, she had an inner desire to visit various glorious parts of the countryside. Thus, she visited many traditional, social and cultural places with her friends. For higher education, she came to Kathmandu with her brother. She has sharp knowledge in accounting. In addition, she has worked in different fields as an accountant officer. She loves to travel to places. With time passing, she joined a reputed travel & trekking company. During this period, she was more influenced to do something for travelers and for women around her. Thus, in collaboration with other friends came the idea to empower women via tourism.

Sangita Wagle

Chief Operating Officer

She is attached to nature from her childhood days as she was grown up viewing the marvelous Himalaya and green landscaped. Slowly, with passing time, she got more opportunities to explore the aesthetic beauties of hills, taking part in hiking, swimming with school mates. During her teenage days, she got to know that there are several countries in the world along with her own beautiful land as she witnessed foreign travelers coming to do rafting in her hometown river where she used to go for swimming with her school friends. From that point, she has a huge respect and regard for adventurous people around the globe. She believes no boundary can stop the inner passion of nature from experimenting. Nature, love, and care combine the people around the world.. After her graduation, she joined one of the well-known travel companies in Nepal and got the chance to undertake in the tourism field. She loved to deal with clients and had an achievement when the client expresses the best experience. With passing days, she is more mature and knowledgeable in this field, with more than a decade of experience. Now, with her own founding team, she aims for an enjoyable and great trip for travelers.

Denise Winchester – Australia

Denise Winchester considers herself a late starter in outdoor adventure, beginning initially with hiking in homeland Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. She has experienced breathtaking treks in the Himalayas of Nepal, loving the outdoor challenge and falling in love with the splendor of this mountain range. She loves the remote areas of Nepal, the ruggedness of the terrain and learning about the survival skills of the remote villages in what she describes as the most amazing geography you can imagine. “Trekking is for all ages as there are choices for everyone. I believe it is a life enhancing adventure. I hope everyone is lucky enough to try it”. She is engaged with the SheNature team to encourage all travel lovers from Australia. You can get a wonderful help from her to plan your trips/treks to Nepal.

Vidya Shakya

Chief Executive Officer

She used to have her own family curio shop at Jhochhe, nearby the New Road Gate at Kathmandu. When she was a child nearly from 5 years of age, she used to be thrilled and excited in dealing with any foreigners who ventured to do shopping. So, she developed a kind of attachment, a kind of respect for all foreigners from the very childhood and when being an adult, working under foreigners had to be always her grand passion. So, her passion drove her to venture into this tourism field after decades of official experience internally and internationally. Finally, in 2012, she entered one of the reputed Travel Company at Thamel, Kathmandu as Travel Consultant and since then she got what she desired from her childhood. She was thrilled in dealing with every clients every corner of the world in designing best holiday trip to them from cultural trips in Nepal/different trekking trips in Nepal/Climbing trips in Nepal as well different tour/trek in Bhutan/India/Tibet —-Indo China–Myanmar, Thailand, Colombia, Vietnam… She felt no tiredness in dealing with clients, on the day end, she used to be more energetic and with free mind why not as she got the chance to work in her interested field. Day by day, she learned a lot about different aspects in the tourism field in Nepal and its neighboring country and finally; the day comes as she really wishes to venture something more different. Now, she urged running the tour company by self because she wants to do something better and after working decades in this field, now she is an expert in handling client’s need and can make the right trip for a particular person. So, in this vast field in tourism, she also jumped with her collages so that she can serve her best to make one’s holiday as charming and can value for lifetime achievement.

Anu Bhattarai

Anu Bhattarai

Anu is a skilled digital marketer with over 3 years of experience in the field. She has a proven track record of delivering effective marketing campaigns. Anu is well-versed in a range of digital marketing tactics, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

Trekkers Guide

Ms. Rupa Pandey

Tour and Trekking Guide

Female trekking guide in Nepal is not a myth now. Ms. Rupa Pandey, a charming and energetic young female tour and trekking guide in Nepal, her passion for beautiful nature, makes her work in this tourism field in Nepal. Born in Lamjung, Nepal, the village in the mid-hills of Nepal spanning tropical to Trans- Himalayan […]

Sabin Raj Bajracharya

Sabin is one of our best guides. Guide is very important to make your travel smooth and tension-free. Locally born in Kathmandu, Sabin Raj Bajracharya is an energetic, friendly and easy-going person. Sabin is a charming, a bachelor degree holder in Travel and Tour Management. He is the nature lover himself. He loves to travel. […]

Gayatri Giri – a lady trekking guide

A lady trekking guide in Nepal is a very challenging role to any lady. But, Ms. Gayatri made it possible. Born in the natural heaven, Pokhara of Nepal, she loves the nature. She used to see the foreigners from the very childhood, and she wants to guide them about our beautiful Nepal. So, she got […]

Badal Rai

Trekking Guide

Guide has one of the great role in your trekking trips. In the remote place like mountains in Nepal, if you get a friendly, energetic and helpful guide then your trek will be more charming and worth to remember for the whole life. Yes, our guide, Badal Rai, is the same. Born in Everest region, […]


Bishnu Bahadur Ghale

Bishnu Bahadur Ghale, the local habitat from Rasuwa, a nearby China border, has trekked many Himalayan regions of Nepal. He loves to travel from childhood. Bishnu feels immense pleasure in nature. He is friendly and loves to assist his best to travel partners all around the world. Bishnu has a decade of experience in the […]

Sanjeev Khadka

Born in the majestically beautiful tea garden–Ilam, stays in Eastern Nepal, Sanjeev is passionate about travelling from the very childhood. He knows the value of nature and loves to dwell in it. So, he did many treks in greater Himalayas like Everest region, Annapurna region, Manaslu, Gosaikunda and many more. He is friendly enough to […]

Shree Krishna Roy (Vitto Roy)

Trekking Group Leader

Mr. Roy is devoting his best to the tourism sector for the last 20 years. He has worked with various world-renowned adventure travel companies. He has explored and trekked the far corners of Nepal from Everest to Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang, and Manasulu, to name a few. His ability to handle a group and give the […]

Tulasi Shrestha

Tulasi Shrestha

Trekking and Tour Guide

Born at the Dhading District of Nepal, from the very childhood, he was seeing the tourist comes for trekking. In his family; he saw many persons are as a guide and porters. He also likes to be like them from the very beginning. After his education, he took the license to be the professional guide […]

Ambar Tamang

Trekking Guide

Born in Solukhumbu, at the lap of gigantic Mount Everest, the passion for climbing and stimulating with high altitude is in his breath. He is the expert in leading groups in the Everest and other trekking regions of Nepal. For instances, Annapurna region, upper and lower Dolpo, Mustang region, and many more. He is an […]

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Women entrepreneur’s with one decade of travel experiences. Create unparallel memories with Shenature specialization service and experience the power of Women - run - team.

Trusted Operational Women Team

We are a women-run adventure team with more than one decade of experience in tourism. With this expertise, we are aiming to make travelers’ holidays a beautiful experience. Honesty is our motto. We live it. Embark on a historic journey with a women-run team along with the support of local people. You will surely feel the difference with us!

Lifetime Deposit & Guaranteed Departure

Lifetime deposit makes you feel secure with SheNature Nepal Treks and Tours. Once you book the trip with SheNature, we will run the trip if the minimum group won’t be formed too. We wouldn’t cancel your trip. Instead, if you have to cancel it for your any reasons than your deposit will save with us. You can use the money for your next adventure with us.

Local expertise team

Local team has expert knowledge about their own place. We are a local operator who prioritizes local peoples as they know their region better than any other.They have grown up in Himalaya and are on hand with relevant knowledge & support to help you for your journey. It will surely make the difference to see their region from their eyes.

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