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Chief Executive Officer

She used to have her own family curio shop at Jhochhe, nearby the New Road Gate at Kathmandu. When she was a child nearly from 5 years of age, she used to be thrilled and excited in dealing with any foreigners who ventured to do shopping. So, she developed a kind of attachment, a kind of respect for all foreigners from the very childhood and when being an adult, working under foreigners had to be always her grand passion. So, her passion drove her to venture into this tourism field after decades of official experience internally and internationally. Finally, in 2012, she entered one of the reputed Travel Company at Thamel, Kathmandu as Travel Consultant and since then she got what she desired from her childhood. She was thrilled in dealing with every clients every corner of the world in designing best holiday trip to them from cultural trips in Nepal/different trekking trips in Nepal/Climbing trips in Nepal as well different tour/trek in Bhutan/India/Tibet —-Indo China–Myanmar, Thailand, Colombia, Vietnam… She felt no tiredness in dealing with clients, on the day end, she used to be more energetic and with free mind why not as she got the chance to work in her interested field. Day by day, she learned a lot about different aspects in the tourism field in Nepal and its neighboring country and finally; the day comes as she really wishes to venture something more different. Now, she urged running the tour company by self because she wants to do something better and after working decades in this field, now she is an expert in handling client’s need and can make the right trip for a particular person. So, in this vast field in tourism, she also jumped with her collages so that she can serve her best to make one’s holiday as charming and can value for lifetime achievement.

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Women entrepreneur’s with one decade of travel experiences. Create unparallel memories with Shenature specialization service and experience the power of Women - run - team.

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We are a women-run adventure team with more than one decade of experience in tourism. With this expertise, we are aiming to make travelers’ holidays a beautiful experience. Honesty is our motto. We live it. Embark on a historic journey with a women-run team along with the support of local people. You will surely feel the difference with us!

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Lifetime deposit makes you feel secure with SheNature Nepal Treks and Tours. Once you book the trip with SheNature, we will run the trip if the minimum group won’t be formed too. We wouldn’t cancel your trip. Instead, if you have to cancel it for your any reasons than your deposit will save with us. You can use the money for your next adventure with us.

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Local team has expert knowledge about their own place. We are a local operator who prioritizes local peoples as they know their region better than any other.They have grown up in Himalaya and are on hand with relevant knowledge & support to help you for your journey. It will surely make the difference to see their region from their eyes.

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