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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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5106 m/1, 6750 ft

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Spring & Autumn

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1-10 persons

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Trip Overview

Manaslu circuit trek features everything that Nepal trekking offers. It is a less-trodden route, which makes the Manaslu circuit trekking more special for trekkers who want to discover off-beat paths. On this trail, you will not just enjoy the charming view of Mt. Manaslu also has astounding sights of the surrounding mountain range. You will cross Larke Pass (5106 m/1, 6750 ft), one of the longest passes in the world, and relish the panoramic view of snow-capped mountains.


Main attraction of the trek

  • Visit the base of the 8th highest mountains in the world, Mt. Manaslu
  • Experience centuries back unique and rich Tibetan culture 
  • Cross one of the longest passes, Larkya La Pass
  • Explore archaic monasteries of northern Nepal and know the historical tale of tradition and culture of the region
  • Walk through dense sub-tropics to the highest mountains in the world


Benefits of Travelling with the SheNature Team


  • We provide complimentary airport-to-hotel transportation..
  • Once you confirm your booking, you’ll receive an online briefing about the trip.
  • We provide an oximeter to monitor your blood oxygen levels at high altitudes. This helps detect early signs of altitude sickness and other potential health risks.
  • We have medical kits available for any situations that may require them.
  • Our booking and reservation system is easy to use.
  • You can reach us 24/7 through different channels at +977-9851255281, such as phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, & Viber (Whatever you are comfortable with).
  • Our payment system is simple and convenient.
  • During the trek, you can store any excess luggage for free at the SheNature Office.


Online Trip Briefing


We will have an online briefing with you, that will answer all your questions about the trek. You will know what equipment you need to bring, the schedule of the trip, and what you can expect on the trails. We will have enough time to clarify all the questions you may have. Once you book the trek, we will email you the date and time for the briefing. Please remember that we will provide you with important information, so you need to note down the points.


Manaslu circuit trek is a strenuous trek that takes you from lush sub-tropics ranges to Mt. Manaslu – 8th highest mountain in the world. This route offers endless chances to see mountains, landscapes, forests, and waterfalls.. Your trip starts in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, enjoying its four UNESCO heritage sights tours. Then, your journey to the mountains starts with a drive to Soti Khola, the trek’s official starting point. From here, you will explore an alternative route, avoiding the dusty route in the first section. Trek through Kashigaon is shade walk and escape from the direct exposure to the sun. Along the way, you will see the beautiful Barpak and Laprak villages. The villages are on the opposite mountain. The place is the epicenter of 2015 earthquake.

The alternative path goes through old villages of the region. In this area, the inhabitants are mostly of Gurung’s religion. Thus, the religion holds the centuries back unique culture and ethnicity. Also, you can see Newars & Braminis. The higher you go, there is a change in scenery along with culture. You move into the Nupri region, where the people are the origins of Tibetan immigrants. Tibetan culture adds a unique experience to your trip.

Compared to massive road building in the Annapurna region, Manaslu Trek holds purity as it is less affected by road building. You can also do Manaslu trek together with Tsum Valley trek. Thus, if you can arrange more days, then you can plan two tracks together. This leads to saving time and money enjoying the impressive scenery. Manaslu circuit trek without guide is not possible to do as the trail has been opened restrictedly for organized groups only. The restriction permit is because the region borders Tibet.


Max Altitude
Walking Hours

Namaste! SheNature family welcomes you to Nepal. You can arrive at your suitable time throughout the day. We will be there at the airport around your arrival time. Once you land at the airport after your customs clearances, continue to the departure area. We will be there waiting at the departure area with a placard to pick you up and transfer to the hotel. On the way, we will let you know about Kathmandu. Once we reach the hotel, you can freshen up and rest there. Later, you can visit our office or roam around the city.

Overnight at Kathmandu.

Included Meals: No meals are included

Today, you will enjoy four UNESCO heritage sites in the Kathmandu city. After breakfast, your guide will wait for you at the hotel lobby side for today’s special activities. With your guide, visit architecturally and culturally rich heritage sites in Kathmandu valley. The first on the list is Kathmandu Durbar Square, which is at the heart of the city. You will get to know the historical grounds of the sites and also get a glimpse of the living goddess kumara. The next on the list is Swayambhunath, popularly known as monkey temple. From here you can see a panoramic view of the city and some parts and find peace & prayers. The third on the list is Pashupatinath, the holy temple. It is an important site for Hindu devotees. Here you can see the cremation of Hindus on a raised platform. And the last for today’s tour is BOUDHANATH STUPA, where spiritual vibes will be at high. After the historical and cultural sightseeing tour, we will have a short meeting for the trek preparation. Later in the evening, there will be a welcome dinner program at the traditional Nepalese restaurant.

Overnight at Kathmandu.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Wake up early in the morning, have breakfast and be ready for a long drive toward the west to the village of Soti Khola, official trek starting point. Along the way, you will see local communities enjoying green landscapes, mountains, rivers, etc. From smooth, the road will become rugged and slowly you will start viewing the south part of Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang Himal. You will reach Soti Khola that is at Budi Gandaki valley around evening time.

Overnight at Soti Khola. 

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Start walking around 7 am after breakfast. After ascending the slope trail for 15 minutes, you will reach the army. Today you will have packed lunch as there are no tea houses along the trail. Thus appreciate the natural beauty of surrounding with the peaceful silence along the route. You will cross the suspension bridge over the Yarsha khola to reach Kashigaon. The main inhabitant in this village are Gurung and Tamang. You skip the regular trail to Machhakhola and walk through lush forest trails to Kashigaon.

Overnight at Kashigaon. 

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Awaken in an old village, surrounded by amazing mountains. Kashigaon is a village where people mostly speak the language of the Gurung and wear traditional dress. Also, you can find health posts. Leaving the beautiful village, we continue our walk. In a while, you will see the newly built Barpak/Laprak village (epicenter of 2015 dangerous earthquake) on the opposite mountain. Along the way, you see the first sight of Buddha Himal at 6672 m, death stone (in the memory of people who lost their life in 2015 earthquake. Today’s trails mostly pass through lush Rhododendron forest, which is rich in different flora and fauna, like walnut, hazelnut, etc. You reach the beautiful Rumchet village crossing remote Kerauja village (2074 m) that offers unspoiled views of surrounding astounding mountains. You will eat local food—Dal, Bhat enjoying nature. 

Overnight at Rumchet

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Today’s walk will mostly be uphill and down hills. The trail descends toward the regular route to Dobhan. From here you walk on a slope section to reach Yaruphant. Marghadi River will be your friend flowing in the side. You walk on a 93 m long suspension bridge and continue on a stone paved trail. Now, you enter the restricted Manaslu Conservation Area that leads to the main Bazaar of the region, where you will see banks, schools, health posts, etc.

Overnight at Jagat.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

After breakfast at Jagat, climb the riverside rocky bridge to Salleri and next descend toward Sirdibas. From here you can see the first view of snow capped Siringi Himal. Further, an easy slope walk along the riverside brings you to Philim, a Gurung village. Here, you can find a custom office for checking goods imported from Tibet. Your trail turns north up the narrow western gorge of Budi Gandaki. You will pass through some superb waterfalls on the way. You cross to the east bank of the gorge and then finally you return to the west bank again. The route broadens through the valley and passes the bamboo forest. Crossing Deng Khola River, you will reach the small village of Deng.

Overnight at Deng.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 

Start early for today’s long similar pattern of walk you did earlier day—descending, crossing & climbing from river water. There is a noticeable change in scenery with open valleys. The more you gain the altitude; there will be a decrease in temperature and change in culture with Tibetan culture resemblance. For lunch you will reach a little inhabitant place called Ghap. While you are here, look out for the impressively decorated Kani and Mani wall. The last part of today’s trek is mostly through a jungle of pines, rhododendrons and bamboo. You can enjoy the sunset/sunrise on the opposite mountain and it is the best time for blue sheep playtime. The scenery is spectacular.

Overnight at Namrung.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Today, our destination is to Lho, a beautiful Tibetan village, where buckwheat, wheat, and potato are mostly grown. From Namrung, you will walk through a forest, where you can see mostly pine trees that differ from those you can see in lower areas. Walking the slope section through a shadow way you reach Lihi, a significant village with more stupas and barley land. From here the trail drops, you walk along the snow river (khola) which leads us to Sho, a village from where you can see the first view of Manaslu and also Naike Peak (6211 m). You reach Lho and witness the change in nature. Here you will find little green trees.

Overnight at Lho.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 

After breakfast, resume your walk through Shyala village. The village is the best viewpoint on this route, from where you can enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view of mountains. From here, you walk 130 minutes via jungle route and reach Samagaun, a Tibetan village. This is a big high altitude village in the region, where permits are checked up and expedition groups for Manaslu take equipment from here. 

Overnight at Samagaun

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Today is a rest day so you can relax and sleep in. As it is better to walk around than staying ideal, you have three options for hiking. The first one is to visit an old gompa—Pungen Gompa (4050 m)—a monastery with magnificent views of glaciers. Second is the region’s local—Birendra tal—best for hiking. Finally, and the most strenuous one is Manaslu Base Camp. This hiking is good for athletics type’s persons as it takes 10 hours to return and back. 

Pungen Gompa – 14 km / 5 hours return

Manaslu Base Camp—14 km / 8 hours return

Birendra Tal – 3 hours 

Overnight at Samagaon

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The trek to Samdo rewards with astonishing views of Himalayas along the route. First, you will walk through pastures and ascending towards the valley. Then the trail leads you to forests of juniper and birch that give the opportunity to enjoy nature. Descend towards Budi Gandaki River and cross a wooden bridge over it. Further, climb up steeply for 30 minutes and get blessed with beautiful views of mountains like Manaslu and Pangbuche. That leads you to Samdo, which is a Tibetan refugee village, thus the Tibet border is near from here. Since you arrive early, you have much time for acclimatization. There are not lots of lodges. 

Overnight at Samdo. 

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

After breakfast, you walk on a 35 degree slope section to reach Larkya Bazaar, a seasonal Tibetan market and walk down to Budi Gandaki river. Then, you cross the Budi Gandaki River and start ascending, crossing two streams. You will see an astounding view of Larkya Glacier. In this section, you will experience Nepal’s authentic flora and fauna, like blue sheep, sunpati trees. Enjoying the eye-catching sight, you will walk further around the valley of Salka Khola and climbing up will arrive at Dharamsala, Larke Phedi. Here are not a variety of lodges, just places for shelter. 

Overnight at Dharamsala

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Today you have an exciting long walk, thus starting early around 4 am. You will walk through remote villages & beautiful valleys, clear glacier lakes, varieties of flora and fauna along with snow-capped mountains. First ascend takes us to a valley that is situated north from Larkya Glacier. You get to see the amazing view of Larkya La peak. After a gradual ascent, you come across the moraine of the glacier, which becomes steeper. From the top, the panoramic views of mountains like Annapurna II, Himlung Himal, are outstanding. The trail descends with a blessing, walk into the misty low pastures. The more we walk, Mount Manaslu loom in the distance.

Overnight at Bimthang

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Start descending on a ridge trail, from where you can get magnificent views of the Himalayas. Walk on high pastures and cross wooden bridges over the Dudh Khola. Continue walking through Rhododendron forest, where you will get varieties of color. Here you might see different birds like kaliz, etc. From here, walk through a narrow valley, which leads to the highest cultivated land Karche. After walking through lush fields, you make a steep climb over the ridge. The trail leaves the ridge to the river bank leading to the village of Gho, where some trekkers take overnight rest. However, you will continue walking till Tilche, a Gurung village, and take an adequate rest.

Overnight at Tilche

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


You farewell the Gurung settlement and start your journey. Cross the Dudh Koshi River and walk through the forest. Once you approach Marsyangdi valley, you are on the same route as Annapurna circle but you follow the reverse. You will cross some Mani walls, stiff over bridges and further long one and finally reach Dharapani.

Overnight at Dharapani. 

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

This is the point your trekking ends and today you will be on wheels the whole day. First you will catch four wheeled jeeps from Dharapani to Besisahar, then from there you will be on a bus to Kathmandu. You will get the sight of the Marshyangdi River meeting Trishul River when you turn west on Prithivi highway. You have beautiful views on the way back to Kathmandu.

Overnight at Kathmandu

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Today is your last day of the trip. If your flight is on this day, we will transfer to the hotel approximately 3 hours ahead of your departure time, otherwise you can continue your time in Nepal. If any further help you need, we are always here in your service. 

Included Meals: Breakfast

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Manaslu Peak height is 8, 163 m/26775 ft. The highest point you trek on the Manaslu circuit is Larke Pass (5106 m).

Typically, for high altitude trek like the Manaslu circuit, you need to be physically fit and in excellent health. The trek starts at low altitude (700 m) and reaches a high altitude at 5106 m. Thus, one needs to have prior experience in trekking and have good stamina to walk varied terrain.

Mount Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world, is in the west-central part of Nepal. In this trek, you will reach the base of the Peak.

Manaslu circuit is a moderately difficult trek. The trek is one of the challenging routes that takes you to remote villages of the Himalayan region. Thus, one needs to be in excellent health and have prior experience in trekking uphills downhills with good stamina.


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