SheNature Nepal Treks and Tours

We, SheNature Nepal Treks and Tours, are making wonderful memories for the traveling clients and at the same time empowering women for a better world. At the front – end, our mission is to create great experiences for our travelers and back -end our aim is to empower women for the betterment of their life. In this path, we are now providing funds to Chhori, a renowned organization that solidifies our commitment to empower women and make a better world for her. 


SheNature Nepal Treks and Tours, is investing, understanding women’s world. Slowly but steadily, we are heading to achieve our goal. The world of empowerment. You too can forward your helping hands. Indirectly your support will be by booking our trips as our 2% total trip cost goes for the project. Directly you can volunteer, conduct an awareness program or fund them. Come, let’s join hands on this noble cause and make a great space.