Women Adventures

Every human being deserve to have an adventure in life as this nature, this beautiful creation is for everyone to explore its best. So, as long as men can do the adventure, similarly women also can do and enjoy an adventure in their life. Adventure means a kind of jolt in physical which thrills their adrenaline. Nepal is a heavenly country, where adventure dwells. Being Himalayan Country, it has 6 no. of the highest peaks in the world as well the ups and down curvy of its Himalayan vistas and its landscape is there for the adventure lovers. So, this country is trekking paradise for the trekking lovers as well more challenge lovers, climbing at its different gigantic peaks give the lifetime achievement. So, common we have special adventurous trips for the women, especially design for beautiful, soft but childish inner souls who can feel extreme joy in playing with nature.

Our packages are for all women from all around the country who wish to celebrate their hard earned or preserved holiday, time and money. We know how to make the best use of these to make your holiday as special and charming one.

This holiday packages are for everyone no matter they are from childhood from teenaged to young generation to matured one. Adventure is for everyone. We do have various specially designed holiday packages based on cultural tour to rafting to make some excitement in your trip, as well can include bungee for extreme thrill as well hiking to the mountain. You can choose any of our special packages to meet your interest based on your physical fitness level. If you want the luxurious rest in nature, that also we do have. If you wish to explore the remote life in mountain, let’s join our hiking or trekking trips. We are sure, your hardly earned money value for it.