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Women Empowerment

Women, same creation from God. When he made, maybe he made it with the combination to be completed with the male gender so that there will be a complete union in between and can smoothly run the world. So, He made two human beings with unique qualities.

Male, they are with brevity with the mind and physically. They are strong in the body. They have more power with a witty mind.

Women, compared to the male gender, women are soft and beautifully crafted for the symbol of love, kindness and compassion. They are emotionally very rich, so that with the combination of these two forces of the world, life will run beautifully.

So, to compare male and female won’t be, somehow justice is full because the God made both energies will complete in unity.

So, these are the creation of the God with two fundamental qualities/energies so that with combined of both, can generate the supreme creation and bondage in the world.

In this way, both have equal rights to spread their quality in their own way. We cann’t compare them equally in the basis of their qualities. They are two unique qualities in the universe to make the better world.

But within the time frame, the male society, being more powerful from the physical force, started to dominate the female society. They suppressed the qualities of women and showcase them as they were poor; they are weak; they have boundaries; they have limited, as all of their qualities are put in the shadows.

So, within in this present era too, women are taken still the secondary in the family and society. They cann’t go out with their interest. They even cann’t eat as per their choice. They can’t live as per their interest. Their interest, joy, life has to be adjusted to the male society. So, God has created men and women for to make the better and happy world, but the male so-called society make them as female are the dominant and the males are the supreme power.

Lack of proper knowledge, education and proper understanding, the females are taken under the shadow of life. So, let’s give the light of education to the female. Empower your own sister, daughter, mother with good knowledge and education, and value their presence in their life and your life. In this way, by giving the support, female also can shine well in the society and in the world. In this way, we can make the better world where male and female can perform their best, using their best qualities given by God and can make the happy family, society and the world.

So, let’s empower women for the happy and strong people, family, society and the world.

Empowering women means empowering yourself directly, indirectly. Wanna know how???

Empowering your mother- You will get a good governor for your house and family; she will take care of you and your family. She can be the source of your inspiration.

Empowering your sisters: You will get the best friend of your life, whom you can trust and can share your joy and problems.

Empowering your daughters: You will get a mentor for your life for the long-term basis, who will take care of you and can assist you long term.

Empowering your wife- If your better half is an able person to handle herself, you and your entire family and life, then what else you want…

So, empowering women is empowering your own self…it will ease your life only. So, let’s support them to be an able person for a better person, family, society and, of course, a better world.

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