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Why You Should Visit Nepal in 2023?

Nepal is a haven for Himalayan Lovers. Among the 14 highest peaks in the world, 8 peaks are there in Nepal itself including the highest peak in the world–Mount Everest. So, venturing into the Himalayan region of Nepal is in the bucket list of many adventure lovers in the world. Similarly, Nepal has many around 200 lakes where you can intimate with the tranquility of Nature. There are 10 National Park, conservation area, and wildlife reserves which is must explore in Nepal. Nepal is very rich in its own cultural diversity. They have their own unique traditional behavior, and rituals which are worth exploring.

Nepal is a country with different festivals. You will amaze to see its different festivals with their own uniqueness. Nepalese cuisines are worth tasting from Daal Bhat Tarkari to momo (dumplings). Nepal is popular for the most exciting trekking trips to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Langtang, Manaslu and many more. Similarly, there are different cultural trips in Nepal, including exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites, exploring the major cities of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Chitwan, Bandipur and many more. Likewise, there are interesting day trips to make you feel more adventurous like Bungee, Skydive, Zip liner, Mountain Flight, White Water rafting, kayaking, Rock climbing, cycling and, of course, day hiking. So, you must not miss visiting Nepal in 2022.

Since entry of Covid in 2019, the daily life as well tourism field is highly affected by deadly Corona Virus then also comparatively with western and eastern countries, Nepal is less affected. Though some people got it, then also the death rate is so minimal as well most of them revive. Now within the widely spreading of the vaccination, there are much people who are vaccinated. As well, the government from Nepal makes it compulsory to take vaccine mainly for all people associated with tourism and hotel field, as well as aviation, banking, hospitals and other essential faculty. So, you should to worry more, as well most of the people from around the world also got vaccinated. As well, at aviation too, at the entry point, the vaccination and Corona checkup have been so strictly applied. So, there are huge safe protocols are there.

Similarly, each one still using the hygienic mask with needful hand sanitizer and still the people need to manage the require distance. If in case if some travel gets the covid then also we know how to treat them well. There are certain hotels which are chosen for the self isolation and now there are enough hospitals which are with well equipped and fit to serve the need. Within this Omicron, the travel must be in quarantine for about a week in certain hotels. So, the needful all protocols are here in Nepal. You can now travel to Nepal. In the mountain area, there will be fewer crowds and in open area, you will be risk free and can enjoy your time in Nepal.

Similarly, during your trip or trek, all the needful hotels or restaurants also follow the strong protocols to be safe during this pandemic. So, every hotel or restaurants have hand sanitizer with needful distance maintenance. We care for ourselves as well as you, too. So, you can travel with us in 2022.

Within the last year, we understand and know that how stressful the life for the people all around the world. The lock down phase was so dreadful. We are locked in our own home. We could go nowhere, we could not meet our friends, our dear and near relatives and additionally the horrible news just enough to make us tremendous headache. We were just waited that when that deadly situation would be out and we could go out. The most panic was for the travel lovers. The people who just loved to venture here and there they also needed to be blocked in a room, so sad. They were just suffocating a lot and waiting for when this pandemic would be over.

Some of you would have more stress from personal jobs, financial problems, some might have relationship problems and yes, after this pandemic, Nepal is the most suitable to make your mind stress free in this natural haven. You can rejuvenate once again from your mind, body and spirit so that you can be energetic once again to return to your normal life once again. As well as being the religious country, the birthplace of Lord Buddha–the symbol of peace, you can feel peace of mind in Nepal. Practicing meditation in high Himalaya or in monasteries will make your mind and spirit. So, to cool your inner mind also you must visit Nepal in 2022.

Best time to visit Nepal is just coming, that is on coming Spring that is March, April and May and in a next fall that is in Sept, Oct and November where the weather will be clear enough to get a marvelous view of the gigantic mountain as well nice weather to travel in. Though for the cultural trips in Nepal, all seasons are good to travel in Nepal.

Some may ask, is Nepal open for the tourist? Then, of course, Nepal is now opened for the tourist with all necessary safety protocols. Trekking in Nepal is quite popular world around. There are various wonderful trekking trips in Nepal like Everest Base Camp Trek -15 days, Annapurna Base Camp Trek -11 days, Langtang Valley Trek -11 days, Manaslu Trekking, Mardi Himal Trek, Khopra Ridge Trek and many more. You will just love to be in lap of Himalayas. Though the walking for long hours of day in a rough trial gives you a tiresome in your physical level, but you will get to experience how the Himalayan region refreshes your mind in nature. You will get to experience this wonderful experience in beautiful trekking trials in Nepal.

Similarly, tours in Nepal are highly demanded as these trips are suitable for all age bars and group from children to the old age. You will get to explore the cultural heritages which are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site, different monuments, traditional places, historical remarks and many more. Some of our most popular Nepal Tours are Kathmandu World Heritage sites Tour-4 days, Enchanting Nepal Tour with Mountain flight- 12 days, similarly spiritual tours to feel peace of mind in religious sites of Nepal, hiking trips to make your body oxygenated. The most adventurous trips as para-gliding, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, skydiver, zip line, climbing the tall peaks of Nepal and many more. If you are the best food lovers, then we have the best foodie trips which make you explore Nepal as well will fill your stomach with a local taste of Nepal.

Wild life and nature is Nepal is just a wow in Nepal. You can explore Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park to explore wildlife and nature in Nepal. This trip is suitable not only for the youngsters but for the children, also they will amuse a lot.

So, in conclusion, you should not think twice about planning your holiday in Nepal in 2022. It is confirmed that Nepal is the right place to visit in 2022, as it is mentioned in Lonely Planet too. Top of that, you require a professional organization that just can cater your trip smoothly. Then you don’t need to search many. Shenature Nepal with decades of travel experienced experts is here to plan your trip which best suit to your desire, requirement, and interest. So, just send me one message or call and we are here to assist you with our best. So, see you soon in 2022 with a big smile.


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