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Short Treks from Pokhara

Short Treks from Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal. We can find the heavenly view of Lake City and around 7 beautiful lakes in Pokhara. It surrounds the gigantic Mountains like Fishtail Mountain, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Mardi and many. The weather is beautiful and welcoming. Adding to them, the local habitant and its culture are also very nice and wonderful. So, this place is a second hub for the tourist all around the world than Kathmandu City in Nepal.

Pokhara is the best vacation place in Nepal. We can indulge in different cultural sightseeing along with hiking being the mountaineering place. We can do hiking from a short trek like from minimum a day to maximum 15 days and more too.

If you have shorter days but want to explore short trek in Pokhara then there are different short trekking routes in Pokhara. You can venture yourself in nature. The intimacy with nature and its beauty makes us forget every woos of life for a short period.

  1. Short Treks from Pokhara:
  2.  Dhampus Trek
  3.  Ghandruk Trek
  4.  Australian Base Camp Trek
  5.  Peace Pagoda Trek
  6.  Sarangkot Trek

Dhampus Trek

Dhampus is a small hill is in Annapurna Region, nearby Pokhara City is best option for a day hike. After driving for some minutes, we can reach at Phedi. From here, we can start the journey on foot, called hiking to his top hill. Though it is the small hill then again, we can explore the hiking route, the flora and fauna of this place with surrounding Mountain View of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Fishtail. We feel to sing a song on the way. Anybody who fits in physically and wants to venture in nature can explore this short trek to Dhampus from Pokhara. The lovers of nature can capture their beautiful moments within this natural place. This picturesque scenario is marvelous for a lifelong memory. Yes, this place is easy to go and indulging in nature is more enchanting.

Ghandruk Trek

Exploring Nature is not enough as well you also want to see the cultural habitant of this beautiful Pokhara City, then yes, Ghandruk Trek is the best option. You can explore the best of nature with different most astonishing Himalayan Range of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail etc. You can also explore the Gurung Habitant. They are the special ethnic group in Nepal. It is very wonderful to explore their living style in a mountain with their own unique culture and heritages. In this trek, there is an amazing beauty in walking on foot by exploring yourself in nature as well once we feel a kind of tiredness the hot Gurung Bread will give you added energy to keen going your journey. The Gurung are the kind persons in this ethnic group of Nepal. They are the friendliest persons and they like to host the foreigners as their own family members.

Australian Base Camp Trek

If you wish to witness the magic Fishtail Mountain and a glimpse of Annapurna range in far sight as well if you are with the children or with old age then again wish to explore the Mountain then this short trek from Pokhara will be the idle one.

All the little tiredness of walking for hours vanishes once you get to see the gigantic Himalayan view by nearly. Wow, the tinkling of Himalayan Range in the ray of sun in the middle day, the clean and beautiful an aromatic air makes feel so high and relaxed. This trek is easier, starting from Pohara main city. An hour of driving to Kande from Pokhara, and hiking began from Kande. About scenic walk of about 1 and half hour, we can reach Australian Base Camp. We can get a closer view of Annapurna Main Range with Fishtail Mountain. We get lots of nice tea houses there. To overnight in this beautiful small tea houses exploring the nearby mountain range will make your holiday a valuable one in Nepal.

Short Hike to Peace Pagoda:

Nearby Pokhara main city, this peace Pagoda dwells in a small hill where we can feel a kind of peace of mind reaching there. The surrounding view of the beautiful Pokhara City, in between the serene phewa lake with dotted many boats with massive Himalayan Range of Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, Himchuli etc. One feels awesome in nature.

It takes around 1 to 2 hours depending upon your speed in taking steps forward. You will reach at this top Hill. The Peace Pagoda formed by the Japanese Monk in 1979, missions in establishing peace in the world. This Pagoda represents itself a symbol of peace. There are 5 Dhyani Buddhas around this white Stupa. The view of Fewa Lakes from far look, the gigantic mountain view in surrounding and the beautiful weather in it makes you feel so light and healed.

Sarangkot Trek

The natural destination in Lake City of Pokhara where we can get the stunning view of magnifying Sun rise and Sun set view. This place is popular worldwide too. The hike to this beautiful place gives good vibes to your physical body as get needful oxygen in fresh air as well it will also heal your mind too in this beautiful scenic Mountain View. From Pokhara, you will reach at Phedi by about an hour of driving. From Phedi the trek starts. You will go uphill slowly with intimating with nature. Once you reach there, you can view the Pokhara City as well its surrounding beautiful lakes. At Evening can get the beautiful sunset view too. That’s why this place is idle honeymoon spot for the love birds too.


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