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Shree Krishna Roy (Vitto Roy)

Trekking Group Leader

Mr. Roy is devoting his best to the tourism sector for the last 20 years. He has worked with various world-renowned adventure travel companies. He has explored and trekked the far corners of Nepal from Everest to Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang, and Manasulu, to name a few. His ability to handle a group and give the best care and attention to his guests is remarkable. The jolly nature and humble approach towards his group is appreciable. Many have returned to lead their treks once again under his care. Besides, he is a friendly person with a kind heart and always helpful towards his guest and his co-workers. Trekking along with him will certainly give anyone a sense of safety and security, and he makes sure the trek is a success and unforgettable journey of a lifetime. Creating a beautiful and unforgettable experience is what he aims and strives for.

If you can get your dream trip with an expert guide, then that will add the next level of color in your trip. You can not only enjoy trip but can get the needful information with friendly guide which makes you feel more enjoy in your trip. Once you trip with Mr. Roy, you will remember his friendly nature till last.

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Women entrepreneur’s with one decade of travel experiences. Create unparallel memories with Shenature specialization service and experience the power of Women - run - team.

Trusted Operational Women Team

We are a women-run adventure team with more than one decade of experience in tourism. With this expertise, we are aiming to make travelers’ holidays a beautiful experience. Honesty is our motto. We live it. Embark on a historic journey with a women-run team along with the support of local people. You will surely feel the difference with us!

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Lifetime deposit makes you feel secure with SheNature Nepal Treks and Tours. Once you book the trip with SheNature, we will run the trip if the minimum group won’t be formed too. We wouldn’t cancel your trip. Instead, if you have to cancel it for your any reasons than your deposit will save with us. You can use the money for your next adventure with us.

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Local team has expert knowledge about their own place. We are a local operator who prioritizes local peoples as they know their region better than any other.They have grown up in Himalaya and are on hand with relevant knowledge & support to help you for your journey. It will surely make the difference to see their region from their eyes.

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