Foodie Holidays

Foods are one of the most mandatory for the human being to sustain their lives. To carry on one’s physical life, one needs to eat the needful materials for the body. So, foods are the most essential for our living. Foods are different based on its tropical location and depend upon its availability. In the sea area, we can get sea foods, whereas in a mountain area we need to depend on other foods. Based on varieties of the places and its landscape, the people, their culture as well foods are also different from place to place. Nepal is a junction of people with varieties of traditions, rituals, and festivals. So we can get varieties of local foods and tastes are different. So, it is wonderful to taste the different local foods in Nepal. That’s why; these special trips are for those who like to taste the different local foods at Kathmandu.


There are many varieties of local food available at Kathmandu but some of them are the world famous like the momo, Nepali Thali–Dal Vat Tarkari as well a well-known list of them are like chatamari, yomari, Bara, samebaji, Sel Roti, Dhindo Gundruk are some of them which are for the food lovers like you. So, these tours are special for the persons who love to taste the local foods and similarly love to see the best places of Kathmandu. You can explore the best highlights of Kathmandu as well for lunch we will make you taste the local special foods and breakfast and dinner you can taste based on your choice. We are sure, these trips will be remarkable for you as you will not only explore the best sightseeing of this beautiful country but also will explore the local foods which are just wonderful. You will remember them for long.